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Written by Matt Ball   
Tuesday, 07 October 2008
SISWG Minutes 2008-10-07
The Regular IEEE Security in Storage Working Group (SISWG) meeting was held on Oct 7, 2008 via Teleconference and WebEx at 11:00am PDT.
Matt Ball was in the chair and took minutes.

The meeting was called to order at 11:10am PDT.

Matt thanked Sun Microsystems for sponsoring this meeting with dial-in and WebEx services.


Scott Kipp Brocade  
Landon Noll Cisco  
Kevin Marks Dell  
Larry Hofer Emulex  
Eric Hibbard HDS Vice-chair
Rob Elliott HP  
Chris Williams HP  
Shai Halevi IBM  
Walt Hubis LSI Logic  
Bob Lockhart nCipher  
Subhash Sankuratripati NetApp  
Hal Finney PGP Corporation  
James FitzGerald SafeNet  
Matt Ball Sun Microsystems Chairman
Craig Reed Sun Microsystems  
Roger Cummings Symantec  
Luther Martin Voltage Security  
Michael Marcil Vormetric  
Garry McCracken WinMagic  

19 representatives from 17 companies attended this meeting.  Based on review of attendance records over the last year, the chair determined that 26 companies have fulfilled membership obligations (i.e., attend 2 meetings in the last year), thus setting the quorum at 13.  Since representatives from 17 companies were present, the meeting met quorum requirements.


  1. Introductions, thank sponsors
  2. Display Patent Slide Set, Call for Patents
    1. Status of nCipher's IP claims on XTS-AES
  3. Approve the Agenda
  4. Approve previous minutes
    1. 2008-09-26
    2. 2008-07-30
  5. Review Previous Action Items
  6. Unfinished Business
    1. P1619.3 Motions
    2. Unfinished P1619.2 business
  7. Review New Action Items
  8. Next Meeting
  9. Adjourn

Walt moves to approve the agenda. Subhash seconds.  With no objections, the agenda is approved by acclimation.

Call for Patents

Matt showed the patent slide set and called for known patents that might be essentially to the implementation of any standard in progress. 

Bob Lockhart stated that nCipher has no XTS-AES (as standardized by IEEE 1619-2007) patent claims.  This intellectual property (IP) was not transferred to nCipher through the NeoScale acquisition.  Hercules was the bank that owned the disk assets for NeoScale and is the last known entity to control this IP.  The existing letter of assurance still applies, but it is unclear (for information available in this meeting) as to who owns this IP.

Landon reminded the group that NeoScale Systems signed a letter of Assurance for P1619.2 that allows free use of any patents that NeoScale has concerning P1619.2.  Any entity that acquires NeoScales assets has to honor this agreement.

No further patents were brought forward.

Approval of Previous Minutes

A quorum being present, and no corrections brought forward, previous minutes for 2008-09-26 and 2008-07-30 are approved.

Proposed P1619.3 Motions:

To avoid the appearance of favoritism, Matt Ball recuses the chair to Eric Hibbard for the P1619.3 portion of this meeting.

The group reviewed the previously approved motions from last meeting:
Motion 1 passed: “Move that all P1619.3-compliant KM clients shall be able to communicate with all P1619.3-compliant KM servers.”

Motion 2 passed: “Move that we define a mandatory set of two messaging and transport protocols for P1619.3; To be compliant, the KM server shall implement both and the KM client shall implement at least one of this mandatory set."

Motion 3 failed: “Move that we allow specifying non-mandatory messaging protocols that are outside of the mandatory set"

The following sections show motions by the P1619.3 chair:

1. Move that one of the mandatory messaging protocols is based on XML

Walt Hubis moves and Subhash seconds.  Hearing no objections, the motion passes by acclimation.

2. Move that one of the mandatory messaging protocols is a binary format (non-XML)

Walt moves, Bob Lockhart seconds

Discussion of the motion:

Luther Martin: there is no proposal currently put forward.  What if none are put forward?  We could always change our minds later.

Roll call vote on motion:

Eric Hibbard HDS Yes
Subhash Sankuratripati NetApp Yes
Matt Ball Sun Microsystems Yes
Kevin Marks Dell Yes
James Fitzgerald SafeNet Yes
Bob Lockhart nCipher Yes
Shai Halevi IBM Abstain
Walt Hubis LSI Yes
Larry Hofer Emulex Yes
Craig Reed Sun Microsystems  
Chris Williams HP Yes
Michael Marcil Vormetric No
Hal Finney PGP Corporation Abstain
Luther Martin Voltage Security Yes
Roger Cummings Symantec Abstain
Garry McCracken WinMagic Yes
Landon Noll Cisco Yes

The motion passes with a vote of 12 Yes, 1 No, 3 Abstain.

2.1. Move that the XML messaging protocol uses SOAP (e.g., basic SOAP, WS-Man, OASIS EKMI)

Walt Hubis moves, Subhash Seconds.

Bob Lockhart discussed the slides that were distributed yesterday as an argument against using SOAP.

Further discussion continued.

Roll Call vote on motion:

Kevin Marks Dell Yes
Larry Hofer Emulex Yes
Eric Hibbard HDS No
Rob Elliott HP  
Chris Williams HP No
Shai Halevi IBM Abstain
Walt Hubis LSI Logic No
Bob Lockhart nCipher No
Subhash Sankuratripati NetApp Yes
Hal Finney PGP Corporation Abstain
James Fitzgerald SafeNet Yes
Matt Ball Sun Microsystems Yes
Craig Reed Sun Microsystems  
Roger Cummings Symantec Yes
Luther Martin Voltage Security Yes
Michael Marcil Vormetric Yes
Garry McCracken WinMagic Yes

The motion passes with a vote of Yes: 10, No: 5, Abstain: 2

2.2 Move that the binary protocol use a Tag-Length-Value format (e.g., ASN.1 DER, IKEv2 packets, IP packets)

Walt Moves, Landon seconds.

Discussion on the motion:
This would enforce a fixed structure on the binary format.

Hearing no objections the motion passes by acclimation.

Unfinished P1619.2 Business

Having concluded P1619.3 business, Matt reclaimed the chair position from Eric.

The group decided not to discuss P1619.2 items because there were no motions that needed consideration by the SISWG membership.  These items were delegated to the P1619.2 task group.

Next SISWG Meeting

The chair will set up a monthly SISWG plenary meeting.  The first P1619.3 of each month is reserved as a SISWG plenary meeting, if there is any business to bring forward.

Also, the chair will request a face-to-face meeting room at the INCITS/T10 plenary meeting held on January 14, 2009 in Orlando Florida.

Review of Action Items:

  • Walt Hubis: Create a plan for P1619.3 on how to proceed based on the outcome of these motions.
  • Matt Ball: Request meeting space from INCITS/T10


Having no more business to conduct, the meeting adjourned at 12:34pm PDT.
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