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Written by Walt Hubis   
Thursday, 15 January 2009

SISWG Plenary Meeting


January 14, 2009

Lake Mary, Florida, USA

The meeting was called to order at 11:30am EST. Matt Ball chaired the meting and Walt Hubis prepared the minutes. Special thanks for the sponsors of this meeting: Symantec (conference room and facilities),  HDS (Webex and Conference call), LSI (projector), and Sun (conference phone).



Scott Kipp Brocade  
Landon Noll Cisco  
Kevin Marks Dell  
Larry Hofer Emulex  
Eric Hibbard HDS Vice-chair
Chris Williams HP  
Walt Hubis LSI Logic  
Bob Lockhart nCipher  
Subhash Sankuratripati NetApp  
Gary Nichols PMC Sierra  
Bill  Becker Safenet  
Matt Ball Sun Microsystems Chairman
Roger Cummings Symantec  
Luther Martin Voltage Security  
Michael Marcil Vormetric  

A quorum was achieved with 15 eligable members in attendance.



1)      1:30pm: Introductions and thank sponsors

2)      1:35pm: IEEE Patent slide set and call for patents

a)      No IP Claims were brought forward.

3)      1:40pm: Approval of the agenda

a)      Eric Hibbard moved to approve

b)      Kevin Marks seconded.

c)      The minutes were unanimously approved.

4)      1:40pm: Approval of previous minutes

a)      The minutes were unanimously approved.

5)      1:40pm: Approval of continuation of adhoc groups:

a)      P1619.2 Task Group

b)      P1619.3 Task Group

c)      Kevin Marks moves to approve

d)     Eric Hibbard seconds

e)      Motion was approved unanimously.

6)      1:45pm: Review previous action items:

a)      Walt Hubis: Create a plan for P1619.3 on how to proceed based on the outcome of these motions.

i)        Walt to send updates to the plan as modified at the P1619.3 meeting this same day.

b)      Matt Ball: Request meeting space from INCITS/T10

7)      2:00pm: Liaison reports

a)      OASIS EKMI

i)        Arshad Noor presented the status.

ii)      Going through a second public review process, received one comment.

iii)    Currently in committee vote.

iv)    A standard vote should be in the spring, but requires implementation. Three letters of support are required (StrongAuth is one).


i)        A new IETF KEYPROV liaison is needed.

c)      TCG KMSS

i)        Walt Hubis presented the status.

8)      2:30pm: Status Reports of task groups

a)      General Announcements and new officers (Matt Ball)

i)        Kevin Marks move to approve Matt Ball, Eric Hibbard, Walt Hubis

ii)      Subhash seconded the motion.

iii)    The motion was approved unanimously.

iv)    Matt ball appointed Walt Hubis secretary starting immediately.

v)      The term of tenure of begins March 15, 2009.

b)      P1619.2 Status (Fabio Maino)

i)        Fabio was not available. Matt Ball presented in his absence.

ii)      The SISWIG ballot poll has passed (see note from Fabio on January 11, 2009), the next step is the sponsor ballot. The sponsor pool is also complete. The draft has been submitted to IEEE for editorial review and coordination.

c)      P1619.3 Status (Walt Hubis)

i)        Walt Hubis presented the status.

d)     Update on submission of XTS to NIST (Matt Ball)

i)        In process. NIST is looking for more information on XTS, responses have bee received from SISWG members. Matt to collect information and present proposal to SISWG and then to NIST. NIST is also in the process of preparing 140-3 for release to INCITS/CS1 in February or March.

9)      3:00pm: New Business

a)      New Operating Procedures (Eric Hibbard)

i)        All motions passed with 2/3 majority. IEEE Information Assurance needed to pass these (Jack Cole) but there was an objection the ad hoc committee change, since there was improper accountability in the actions of the ad hoc committees.

ii)      A document with the four approved motions has been prepared. This pass is accept or reject only. Results should become available later this week.

iii)    This meeting is being held under the old rules.

b)      Should the SISWG pursue submitting XTS to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27?

i)        Landon Noll moved to recommend that SISWG pursue submitting XTS to ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27through the appropriate channels.

ii)      Michael Marcil seconded the motion.

iii)    The motion passed unanimously.

iv)    Eric Hibbard to work with IEEE to pursue this effort.

c)      Motion to approve the P1619.3 WSDL

i)        Subash moved that the P1619.3 task group adopt the WSDL previously submitted by NetApp on December 11, 2008.

ii)       Bob Lockhart seconded the motion.

iii)    The motion passed unanimously.

d)     Feedback on interest level in Key Management Summit 2009?

i)        Discussion around when and if to have the next KMS summit. Plan on end of this year or early next year on the West coast (alternate between east and west coast).

10)  3:20pm: Next meeting

a)      T10: March 16-20 in Oklahoma City

i)        No. Remove reservation for T10.

b)      T11: March 30-April 3 in Memphis

i)        Monday March 30th or Tuesday April 1st.  Matt Ball to work with Scott Kipp to arrange dates.

c)      Others?

i)        First P1619.3 meeting times (Wednesdays at 10:00PST) are reserved for plenary meetings as needed.

ii)      Walt to update calendars with this information.

11)  3:23pm EST: adjourn


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