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SISWG Working Group Meeting Minutes 2010-05-26 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Walt Hubis   
Thursday, 27 May 2010
  1. IEEE Patent Slide Set and Call for Patents
  2. Approval of the agenda
  3. Approval of previous minutes
  4. Review of Previous Action Items
  5. New Business
    1. P1619.2 Updates (Ball/Maino)

                                                               i.      Review changes in Draft 16. Minor change to diagram and new test vectors. (Maino)

                                                             ii.      Next Step: Generate and check draft of word document to verify there are no differences (Maino).

                                                            iii.      Chair (Ball) to submit comments and draft for new IEEE sponsor ballot circulation.

    1. P1619.3 Updates (Ball/Hubis)

Discussion around the future of P1619.3 and which work should be moved into KMIP. Continue work in 1619.3. Landon and Bob to work on proposed draft with support from Matt and Walt. Officers need to look carefully at PAR to determine if changes are needed.

  1. Next Meeting
    1. June 23, 2010.
  2. Action Items

a.       P1619.2: Fabio Maino: Checked draft of word document for P1619.2

b.      P1619.2: Matt Ball: Submit comments and draft of P1619.2 to IEEE for sponsor ballot.

c.       P1619.3: Noll/Lockhart: Revisions to specification – Draft 8.

d.      P1619.3: Officers: Review PAR, recommend any needed changes.

  1. Adjourn
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