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Written by Walt Hubis   
Thursday, 02 December 2010

1.     IEEE Patent Slide Set and Call for Patents

2.     Approval of the agenda

2.1.   Landon Noll moves to approve, Scotts Kipp seconds.

3.     Approval of previous minutes

3.1.   Approved unanimously.

4.     Review of Previous Action Items

4.1.   Bob Lockhart to distribute draft 8 for comments.

4.1.1. Not present.

4.2.   Matt Ball and Walt Hubis to update action plan based on capability to deliver draft 8.

4.2.1. Deferred.

4.3.   Matt Ball to migrate SISWG.NET to Grouper.IEEE.org.

4.3.1. In progress.

4.4.   Matt Ball: 1619REV issues: Incorporate errata and NIST comments.

4.4.1. Defer to discussion later in meeting.

5.     New Business

5.1.   SISWG Officer Status (Hibbard)

5.1.1. SISWG officers 2 year term expires March 1, 2011.

5.1.2. Move group to inactive state? 1619rev and NIST may require some ongoing support. There is probably enough work to justify keeping the group active and install a new cycle of officers.  

5.2.   P1619rev (Ball)

5.2.1. Call for editors          No volunteers at meeting.

5.2.2. Discuss scope          Editorial changes based on NIST and user feedback.          Add one key XTS Mode.          Provide one key XTS test vectors.          Remove XML based key backup format.          Clean up security rational, including rational for including one key XTS.

5.2.3. Solicit any other recommendations for changes          Request for additional changes after first draft.

5.2.4. Put together draft schedule          Needs to be completed before PAR expires (12/31/2013).          Goal: have ready for sponsor ballot in the summer of 2011. Need to have editor by March 2011.

5.3.   P1619.3 Updates (Ball/Hubis)

5.3.1. Should we request that the P1619.3 PAR be removed and the project canceled?          Eric Hibbard Moves to Request that the P1619.3 PAR be removed and the Project canceled. Landon Noll seconds. Motion is approved unanimously.

6.     Next Meeting

6.1.   January 26, 2011, 10:00AM Pacific Time.

7.     Action Items

7.1.   Matt Ball to remove P1619.3 PAR and Project.

7.2.   Matt Ball to prepare informal notification that there will be a call for nomination and election of officers (and to please consider volunteering).

7.3.   Eric Hibbard to work with IEEE to resolve formal voting procedure requirements.

7.4.   Matt Ball to send out call for volunteers for P1619rev editor.

8.     Adjourn

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