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Documents and proposals for P1619.3 "Key Management"

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Update for the Objects and Operations subgroup, discussing proposed objects and key states
Contains a spreadsheet that compares the popular transport protocols. Please fill out the empty columns if your name is present in them (or volunteer to fill out empty columns). We will discuss this at the P1619.3 meeting on 2008-07-16.
Comparison between different protocol choices
Project management status presentation made by Walt Hubis during the Santa Ana meeting
Proposals to add Key Set Object, Key Granularity Policy and Key Replication Policy. Proposals to change Key Object, Key Blob and Key State Model.
This was presented by Landon Noll at the Santa Ana face-to-face
This is the status presentation to be presented at the SISWG plenary on April 15, 2009. Comments are solicited for this document.
Proposal from Bob Lockhart showing how to implement the messaging using raw XML without SOAP.
This is the current plan for P1619.3, as of January 2010.
This is the ARCH subcommittee's proposal, with edits made during the Santa Ana meeting
This is a draft of the status and plan to be presented at the SISWG plenary on Jabuary 14, 2009.
This document covers the proposed key states. It incorporates both NIST 800-57 and ISO 11770 state models.
Version 2 of the proposal to adopt OASIS KMIP Binary Protocol. Incorporates feedback received from meeting on July 8, 2009
Proposal to adopt the KMIP binary encoding and to create an XML encoding based on KMIP
PDF version of proposal
Updates to proposal template based on feedback. Modifications include: 1. Additional instructions for submission 2. Information on modification on copyright notice in footer 3. Clause intruction enhancements and requirements where needed 4. Addition of blue brackets to denote add/change/new information where needed for editor 5. Addition of Table for Device Requirements in Sections 6 through 8
Final proposal from Objects and Operations ad hoc group. This is the final version used to create P1619.3/D5 draft. Further modifications will need to be done using Proposal Template version 3.
The Objects and Operations proposal, as presented by Subhash at the March 2008 face-to-face meeting
Name Space proposal for inclusion into next version of P1619.3 draft standard. Comments and feedback should be provided to the reflector.
Draft Minutes for a P1619.3 2008-03-10 Raleigh/Durham face as taken by Bob Nixon
This is the P1619.3 Draft Plan for 2010 as revised during the January 25, 2010 SISWG face to face meeting.
Draft Minutes from the May 5, 2008 P1619.3 face-to-face meeting in San Jose. Submitted by Bob Nixon of Emulex.
File attached is the current disposition of comments made against P1619.3 Draft 2 document. Where noted they have been included in Draft 3. Others will require group discussion or additional input from the appropriate parties. Please provide feedback to Bob Lockhart and/or Matt Ball.
This is the Architecture subcommittee notes, as presented and modified as the face-to-face meeting
The ARCH proposal as presented and marked-up at the March 2008 face-to-face meeting
Notes from the Monday, Jan 7th, 2008 ARCH meeting, as modified during the meeting.
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