SISWG Working Group Meeting Minutes 2011-06-01
Written by Walt Hubis   
Tuesday, 05 July 2011

1.     IEEE Patent Slide Set and Call for Patents

2.     A quorum was achieved.

3.     Approval of the agenda

3.1.1.  Call for editor for "P1619.0a"

3.1.2.  Security implications of one-key XTS for an informative annex to P1619.0a

3.1.3.  Revision to 1619-2007 to include single-key mode

3.1.4.  Implications of SP 800-38E that limits the maximum size of each encrypted data unit

3.1.5.  Interest in a future face-to-face meeting

3.2.   Approval Deferred

4.     Approval of previous minutes

4.1.   Approval Deferred

5.     Review of Previous Action Items

5.1.   Matt Ball to remove P1619.3 PAR and Project.

5.1.1.  Closed.

5.2.   Matt Ball to prepare informal notification that there will be a call for nomination and election of officers (and to please consider volunteering).

5.2.1.  Closed.

5.3.   Eric Hibbard to work with IEEE to resolve formal voting procedure requirements.

5.3.1.  Closed.

5.4.   Matt Ball to send out call for volunteers for P1619rev editor.

5.4.1.  Closed.

5.5.   Bob Lockhart to distribute draft 8 for comments.

5.5.1.  Closed.

5.6.   Matt Ball and Walt Hubis to update action plan based on capability to deliver draft 8.

5.6.1.  Closed.

5.7.   Matt Ball to migrate SISWG.NET to

5.7.1.  In progress.

5.8.   Matt Ball: 1619REV issues: Incorporate errata and NIST comments.

5.8.1.  Closed

6.     New Business

6.1.   P1619rev

6.1.1.  Call for editors Subhash volunteers to edit this document.

6.1.2.  Discuss scope Unclear of interest in the need for XTS Single Key Mode. Changes Needed Editorial changes based on NIST and user feedback. Add one key XTS Mode. Provide one key XTS test vectors. Remove XML based key backup format. Clean up security rational, including rational for including one key XTS.

6.1.3.  Solicit any other recommendations for changes Request for additional changes after first draft.

6.1.4.  Face to face meeting No interest at this time.

7.     Next Meeting

7.1.   Wednesday, August 10, 2011, 10:00AM Pacific Time.

8.     Action Items

8.1.   Walt to check with TCG to determine interest.

8.2.   Eric to check CS1 interest.

8.3.   Luther to check with companies on FIPs certification for XTS mode.

8.4.   Matt to deliver last draft of 1619.

8.5.   Post documents to IEEE.Grouper website.

8.6.   Matt to give access information to officers and editors.

9.     Adjourn

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